Our Oath of Faith

  We believe in our God creater of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ His only  begotten son and our savior, the Holy Spirit and all the word in the Holy Bible!   

Coming Events

We are currently making arrangements for a miracle and healing evangelic conference event.  Space will be limiteted. If you or anyone is interested please Contact us.

Real Testimonials

Come to our events to witness them for yourself. Remember Jesus is the one who heals and gives the miracles and He is still doing it.  Just Believe!

Be a Hero Save a Life

 Request Dr. Jose Mier to evangelize or teach at your church, school or conference: For Healings and Miracles, avoiding Teenage Pregnancy, Marrying your soul mate and much more. To schedule a speaking or healing engagement just Contact us.

Help the Kingdom of God

Ask God if you can help this ministry and how.   Everything we do is for the honor and glory of God and His son Jesus by helping all people.


E-mail us your question or Contact us.